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No generation has been so broken, or its families as dysfunctional as ours. Divorce, immorality, addictions, abuse, and even suicides plague the Church. The great news of a Messiah who heals our brokenness and frees us from our bondage is needed like it has never been needed before.

Listening to God’s voice above every other voice in our life is the essential secret to healing and happiness. It is the answer to our every dilemma and despair. Loving’s unique book shows you how you can hear God speak His words of truth and love and experience the intimate embrace and power of His Presence. As she combines testimony, Scripture, allegory, and powerful songs of hope, Loving’s story will touch you much deeper than your mind. As you encounter the God, who just by His Word and Presence heals the hurting today, total transformation, powerful peace, and lasting love will change your life, forever.

“Loren Loving’s book has taken many years of tears, struggle and personal vulnerability to write. They say if you want to be a writer just open up a vein and bleed on the page. Loren has done that for you. She has poured out her heart’s passion, along with Christ’s, to help you find the healing and love you crave. Loren’s book is not just a book about healing, it is a book that heals and empowers. It will transform you.” – Ken R. Unger, author of The Ultimate Breakthrough – Spiritual Therapy for Emotional Pain.

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